Being a mom should never make you feel less than who you really are.
It should make you feel even more like you than you could ever imagine.

That’s the philosophy behind the How I Adorn Thee ‘Mama Collection’ of teething jewellery. Every mom wants to put her child first. Between the sleepless nights, the piles of laundry, the long days of entertaining a little one, the dirty diapers – and all the other consuming components of motherhood! – it’s easy to forget the person you were before the baby came along.

Silicone Teething JewelleryHow I Adorn Thee is here to remind you. Stylish and functional, the ‘Mama Collection’ allows you to work like a mom but accessorize like a model. Tailored to moms of all types, the ‘Mama Collection’ is made to suit your unique taste and style.  And now, the ‘Kiddo Collection’ lets mamas and their little ones share a unique style.

There are currently four categories to choose from, with many more styles to be added in the future! Be sure to follow us for updates. Click here to check out our current styles in ‘Pretty Mama’, ‘Funky Mama’, ‘Classy Mama’, and ‘Earthy Mama’, as well as bracelets for him and her. Whether for yourself or as a gift for a special mama or papa, now or to-be, the How I Adorn Thee ‘Mama Collection’ has something to suit everyone!

Made of 100% food grade silicone and North American maple hardwood beads and rings, the How I Adorn Thee ‘Mama Collection’ is safe for baby to chew and assists in maintaining focus while breastfeeding. Great to entertain your little angel at restaurants, out shopping, waiting in line, and during all your other daily tasks! Made with a breakaway clasp, the jewellery is meant to come undone if baby pulls too hard (also simple to remove and hand to baby if you need to!*). All this, in a piece of jewellery that actually looks like jewellery! Definitely a mama “win”!

Now go be the mom you were meant to be. And enjoy every moment!

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*How I Adorn Thee jewellery is not a toy. Children should always be supervised while handling silicone jewellery.
If any part of this product becomes broken or damaged, discontinue use immediately. Contains small parts and could pose a choking hazard if used incorrectly.