Welcome to the How I Adorn Thee shop. Our current collections are linked below. Clicking the collection name or photo will bring up the individual lines within that collection. All prices are displayed in Canadian dollars. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Enjoy your shopping!

  • Revive Collection

    Revive Collection

    Original and repurposed handmade jewellery designs.
  • Mama Collection

    Mama Collection

    The 'Mama Collection' contains a number of product lines tailored for your unique style or taste. Click the photo or name of each product line below to view the individual products and find something to wear, no matter how you choose to express yourself.
  • Kiddo Collection

    Kiddo Collection

    The 'Kiddo Collection' is carefully crafted as the next step in the evolution of silicone jewellery for your precious little ones. Designed with the same sense of style and wearability as the 'Mama Collection', these beautiful and durable pieces will bring a smile to your face and theirs the minute they put it on. Keep checking back for the new pieces! If you see something you like in the category photo, contact us and we'll be happy to make one for you.
  • Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificates

    We understand that teething jewellery style can be a very personal choice. Picking it out for a friend isn’t always an easy task. We are pleased to now offer gift certificates to use on our site.